Comes Now Red Thunder

This is the baffling, bizarre story of a father falsely accused of parental child abduction in May, 1985 by Nevada County, California. Nevada County maintained a body attachment warrant for Gabe Langston for 10 years of his childhood. Nevada County maintained a felony warrant for Richard Langston from June 17, 1985 until June of 2009.  The story of Rick and Gabe’s life is here copyrighted by rick and gabe langston.  No use is allowed without specific license.

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Inter-State Child Custody Jurisdiction
Parental Child Abduction
Child Stealing

I never gave my son up! You would not have, either. I raised him appropriately under substantial adversity from Nevada County, California. He is a good citizen. He was a national and international champion athlete, an honor student. His mother is a recidivist felon heroin addict, who abandoned him.   Despite that California did not have child custody jurisdiction, when I left California with Gabe, I had, quoting the court order valid at the time verbatim, “exclusive care custody and control of Gabriel”.  His mom had no visitation, and I was under no restraint of movement.

Tawney was by then a heroin dealer, who was a snitch to the Police and DA.
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Adios California. Back to our home in ole Wyoming. Off Racing. What and adventure!

The case of Gabriel is not a 25 year old parental abduction case, It is an inter-state child custody jurisdiction and enforcement dispute under the UCCJA, The Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act, and the UCCJEA,

which Nevada County California would have you believe is a parental abduction. How do you kidnap a child in your custody? You will not believe this! Even if California had jurisdiction in substantial conformity with the UCCJA, PKPA and UCCJEA, which they did not, they still awarded Gabe’s custody to the recidivist, felon, heroin addict, alcoholic unfit mother, who already had a head on collision on the wrong side of the rode driving drunk with Gabe in the car!. WTF? I am mounting a David vs. Goliath assault on Nevada County, and California. There is a simple legal point which must be made by the Federal Court. It will be named the Red Thunder Rule. It is the one hole in the law which is the root cause of our case falling in a big crack. It is the last hole in the law which is still allowing, to this day, children like Gabe to be trapped in the chasm that is Inter State Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement.  The Red Thunder rule.

Inter-State Child Custody Jurisdiction
Parental Child Abduction
Child Stealing

The simple fact is: I always had the moral high ground. And I had the law. I was right all along. Nevada County’s recall of the warrant and dismissal is prima facia evidence I was right all along

Life on the road. Gabe and Beau.

gabe above in yellow hood and red sleeves.  He told me not too long ago, when he got bucked off the calf in the picture above, he got cow poop in his mouth.

Only one state could have ever had jurisdiction over Gabe’s Custody, California or Wyoming. Without doubt, as you will see, it was and is Wyoming. .

Inter state child custody jurisdiction enforcement
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The Stanislaus California Superior Court gave custody to Gabe’s raging, crazy, recidivist felon, heroin addict, alcoholic, unfit mother. Essentially because I challenged their authority, and challenged child custody jurisdiction of the court. The California action was a PATERNITY case, under the Uniform Parentage Act , which did not seek custody on its face, or in its body. No mandatory UCCJA declaration was filed with the first pleading, nor at anytime thereafter.  It was not a child custody case.  I filed a custody case in Wyoming in 1987.

Nevada County, Stanislaus County and the State of California hired a lawyer who entered a general appearance in my Wyoming Divorce and Child Custody Case. Wyoming did everything right. Wyoming found that California never had child custody jurisdiction, and it’s custody orders were void ab initio. Wyoming found the mother unfit, and me a fit and loving parent. Wyoming found that it had initial, home state and exclusive jurisdiction over my son’s custody.

Nevada County had false missing posters for Gabe.

Armed agents of Nevada County California kidnapped my son in Wyoming.

Then Nevada County maintained an outstanding civil body attatchment warrant for Gabe for 10 years of his childhood, to take him in custody on site.

Some of that time we were traveling around the BMX racing circuit, and Gabe was whippin the pants off a all comers where ever we went.

When he first started racing, I told him winning was not the most important thing. Good Sportsmanship. Making Friends. Having Fun. He pondered this for about 10 seconds, “that’s all good, Dad, but I still want to win.”

Gabriel Red Thunder National First Place, Reno, 1985

Many of those years Gabe was an honor student, national and international champion athlete.

At one point, while California maintained this stupid charade, Gabe at age 8, was appointed Special Friendship Ambassador for the State of Wyoming by Governor Sullivan. We were on our way to the US Grand Nationals in Oklahoma City for Thanksgiving in a motel 6. We have pics and video. Gabriel, was listed by Nevada County with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Childred as “Missing”, and Gabe was holding a press conference with the Governor of Wyoming. Comes Now Red Thunder.

Interstate Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement


Inter-State Child Custody Jurisdiction
Parental Child Abduction
Child Stealing


Gabe could drive by himself on the ranch by age of 8. Wyoming!

So, we were living on a remote cattle ranch near Guernsey, Wyoming. The historic Bass Ranch. Gabe was a hot shot dirt track bike racer, and he was hanging out with the last of the real American Cowboys at the barn. He developed a cussing habit. At the barn. “Gabe you are getting a serious cussing habit. He seriously pondered my concern. “Shit, dad, I don’t think I could just give it up.”

Gabriel Red Thunder, a real Wyoming Cowboy

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Gabe 251. Spring Nats
Spring Nationals 1985 Bakersfield.


Just a few of Gabe’s trophies.

So, Gabe and I ran into Joe Montana in about 1986 or 87. Gabe politely went up and asked for his autograph. While Joe Montana was signing, Gabe said, “I am Gabriel Red Thunder a national and international champion dirt track bicycle racer, and I should give you my autograph” Joe graciously agreed chuckling telling Gabe he was a very special young man. He insisted Gabe give him his autograph. Gabe was 6. In a later TV interview as a “missing child” and National Champion bike racer, the incredulous TV guy said, “Now, you gave your autograph to Joe Montana?” Gabe said, “Yep, sure did”

Yep, he sure did.

At 13 Gabriel gave up BMX because of the body attachment warrant for his “arrest” prevented the National and International competition Gabe needed. During his childhood Gabe auditioned for and was offerred the 2nd leading role in a Faye Dunaway movie. It was filmed in Utah. The risk of Gabe being snatched (illegally) by Nevada County was too great. We have video, coming soon.

Gabe’s Wedding in Oregon. The Big Show Down with Nevada County California

It's no wonder I had heart attacks. I love you, Gabe!

Gabe and I were in this multiple roll over at about 65 miles an hour. Gabe was about 8. After we landed right side up, it seemed like eons to turn and visually see gabe was ok, while I am feeling his arms and head and legs, asking, “are you ok? are you ok? are you ok?” Gabe said, “damn, dad, sure is a good thing we are a couple of tough sons a bitches from wyoming.”

Inter-State Child Custody Jurisdiction
Parental Child Abduction
Child Stealing

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