Proxy searches are best.  I know you say logging out of google does not matter.

Ok, so I have a war with a group of hospitals and a cardiologist.  I own their names on the internet with about a dozent highly optimized google top 10 sites . plus their websites of mine ……..are actually giving multi-paths to my marijuana sites. by the link roll I put on marijuana site whirlygig including hospital and doctor sites.    I can demo a big point here.  Search:  Pulla Reddy Cardiologist. I just launched, and it is not even indexing, yet.  But You will see my site: at about #5 and anther at #6 on this search .  not only do I own their names in organis  searches, as you will see my 135 marijuana site whirlygig is moving on the hosp and doc like a tsunami.  We just launched this whirlygig.  It is just starting to work.  trackably more powerful every day.  An seo tsunami they don’t even see approacheth Peacehealth.

Go to bottom of this copied google page for next step.

pulla reddy cardiologist
  1. OHSU Heart & Vascular –‎

    US News Rates OHSU As Oregon’s Top Cardiology & Heart Surgery Hospital

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