Message to Nevada County and California

Demand is now tendered to Nevada County, California, John Darlington, Ron Wolfson, Gary Black, Sean Dowling, Ersel Edwards, Michael Ferguson, and others including but not limited to Does, 1-299, inclusive for compensatory damages in the amount of $150 million US Dollars.

Nevada County, and the State of California.  You need to consider that your recall of my warrant and dismissal of my case, is a huge negative against you.  I was right all along, legally.  I had the moral high-ground, and America will stand with me now.  Gabe’s mother was then and is now a recidivist felon, heroin addict, unfit mother…………..she abandoned Gabe, and never paid a dime in child support.  Be prepared to make sense of this for America.  What the ham and eggs have you been doing??? FOR 24 YEARS!

There were hundreds of thousands of inter-state child custody jurisdiction disputes.  In every case there was a state 1 and a state 2.  In about half the cases, it was determined that state 1, and only state 1 had jurisdiction.  In about half the cases it was found that only state 2 excercised jurisdiction in substantial conformity with the UCCJA and UCCJEA.  Priority in time is no argument, whatsoever.  Many of these cases went to highest court of both states affirming their state’s order.

The determination of inter-state child custody jurisdiction, under the law,  is not determined by state appellate courts.  IT IS DETERMINED IN THE INTERSTATE FORUM.  It does not matter what the California Appellate Court did.

Only one of two states could ever have had jurisdiction of gabe’s custody.  If it were Wyoming………………………………….and your courts have acted absent jurisdiction, all of you individuals have no immunity defenses including judicial immunity.  Ponder.

Wyoming Writ of Habeas Corpus

Inter State Enforcement

Cick Here for Malicious Prosecution Law Library

The Stanislaus Superior Court, in the supposed child custody action, has ordered the Wyoming Custody Orders filed their in the foreign registry.  Twice.

Judge Reid granted Ron Wolfson’s request to give custody to Tawney.
After I had whipped Nevada County, Stanislaus  County and the State of California in Wyoming, when I showed up the second time in Nevada County, after surrendering, I was taken into custody on a Stanislause Civil Body Attachment Warrant.  They were trying to hold me in jail until I turned Gabe over to them.  Judge Reid held 2 hearings.  He talked to the judge in Wyoming who said under no circumstances, ever, will je allow Gabe to be returned to California.  Judge Reid knew then he could not hold me in violation of my rights.  He released me, and he ordered the Wyoming Child Custody orders registered in Stanislaus County…………….in 1987.  He fully intended to stay the Nevada County proceedings.  Nevada County refused to honor the law, and dismiss it’s charges??????

In February, 1996,  Judge Lacey in the Stanislaus case, ruled that the Wyoming court appropriately assumed the jurisdiction of Gabe’s Custody, I was the parent appropriate for the custody of Gabe, Gabe’s mother was in prison, and that the Wyoming Orders, INCLUDING THE WRIT OF HABEAS CORPUS, be registered in the foreign child custody registry, AND THAT THE CALIFORNIA ORDERS CONFIRM TO THE WYOMING ORDERS.

Legally, boys and girls, The Wyoming writ of habeas is as if rendered by the California Court.  It was actually, specifically ordered and rendered by the California Court.  Judge Lacey did not intend to stay the Nevada County BS……………………….He ordered it ended.

Nevada County:  have you ever asked your selves, what rendered the California custody order so odious in the interstate forum.  What about it rendered it not in substantial conformity with the UCCJA.  What rendered the Wyoming Orders the only orders enforceable under the UCCJEA?  Ponder.

In 2007, I requested notice of the inter-state proceedings which are fatal to Nevada County.   With gall akin the child, who after murdering his parents, throws himself on the mercy of the court as an Orpan………………………..JUDGE DOWLING RULED I LACK STANDING TO TRY TO GET THE MATTER DISMISSED, BECAUSE I AM A FUGITIVE FROM THEIR PROCEEDINGS.  Judge Dowling………………….you may be the one with lack of standing dagnabbit.

Richard Langston

Indigent defendant, pro se

In the Superior Court

State of California

County of Nevada

People of the State of California ]           Case  #38215


VS.                                                             ]            Request Judicial Notice

Richard Lee Langston ]

Defendant ]

ALL TAKE NOTICE: of the proceedings in the State of Oregon, Montana, and

Idaho under the provisions of the UCCJEA, attached hereto and incorporated by


On this date, September 26, 2007, I served these documents on the Nevada

County District Attorney office at Rood Center, Nevada City, CA 95959.

Respectfully submitted, September 26, 2007

Here is another consideration. In 1987, Ron Wolfson retained William Hilton for Nevada County, The State of California, and for Tawney Guyon. What the hell was Nevada County doing hiring an attorney for Tawney Guyon? I was told this by Bill Hilton in emails, when I tried to retain him at a later time, before his death. He said no. He maintained a data base for conflicts. But he did email me, “California never had jurisdiction. It was a paternity case with no UCCjA declaration ever filed.” I emailed him if he told Nevada County, et al, this. He said, “I can’t tell you that.” Shortly after he conferred with Nevada County and Tawney, they each withdrew their Wyoming Supreme Court Appeals. You be the Judge.

Luckily, William Hilton wrote about this case.

Why didn’t Ron Wolfson and John Darlington want to hide this info? Because it meant they had kidnapped my son, and me. Is it less egregious that it was done by law enforcement officers…………….while they are prosecuting me for the crimes they committed…………..IT IS MORE EGREGIOUS.

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